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—YOU realize your life is not the way you desired it to be
—YOU feel you don’t possess the inner resources to make the big, permanent changes you dream of
—YOU do not live life at your fullest potential
—YOU know you could be much happier
Life Coaching could be your best option to get what you want quicker and with the support of an expert in coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Techniques.
If you live far from Chester or you have a very busy life, coaching over Skype could be what you have been just waiting for. In the comfort of your house, without having to travel, during the day or in the evening or even in your lunch break at work.
You may want to contact me on 0771 5317142 or email me on info@positivesolutionscoaching.co.uk to book your first 30 minutes consultation FREE.