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Life Coach, Life Coaching, Chester, Cheshire, UK

A Life Coach based in Chester, Cheshire who helps you maximise your potential and achieve your objectives by keeping you focuses, address your self-limiting beliefs, managing your emotions.

Would you like to:

  • Get organized and focused?
  • Increase self-confidence?
  • Develop or change your Career or Business?
  • Take your life back on course?
  • Improve your relationships?
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"it's time to stop settling for less than we can achieve"

As a Personal Life coach, Orietta helps you recognize and remove the negative beliefs which limit you moving forward and assists you in thinking 'outside the box', balancing all areas of your life.

Orietta helps you reflect on your life, clarify your goals, focus on them and maintain the level of motivation needed to put them into actions so that you can finally create the life you deserve and be successful.

My clients are in Chester, Cheshire as well as UK and internationally. I coach face to face, on the phone and via Skype and webcam with FREE phone rates.

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"it's the size of YOUR WILL which determines success"



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