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Anna C

I was at a very difficult and challenging time in my life when I found Orietta and she has helped me to turn my life around and find true happiness!
More I was at a very difficult and challenging time in my life when I found Orietta and she has helped me to turn my life around and find true happiness!

On the verge of having a breakdown, I felt completely lost and was avoiding spending unnecessary time around others as I felt so miserable. I decided I had 2 options – turn to my GP (who ultimately would have prescribed medication to mask the problems); or find someone who could help me to understand and fix them. Taking a step into the unknown, I opted for the latter and haven’t looked back since. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, but her friendly and understanding nature put me at ease as soon as I stepped through the door.

My confidence has massively improved, my stress levels have almost completely diminished, I have stopped hiding from my emotions, I no longer hate myself, I don’t feel so anxious and I am enjoying the company of friends and family again. I feel the happiest I have been in over 10 years.

The advice and techniques she gave me will stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s the best money that I have ever invested in myself and I encourage you to do the same, as long as you genuinely want to improve and are willing to make some changes and put in the effort!

J. Davis

Business Owner at Deansland
Orietta is a skilled and isightful practitioner. I was having real difficulty adjusting to a new personal situation that affected my working life also. She gave me the tools to recognise my thought process and challenge them, enabling me to take the positive route foward. 
Accompanied by her obvious knowledge and experience, Orietta is a compassionate individual who injected humour and positive energy into each session.

I would highly recommend her.

Barbara Grimwade

Business Owner Dynamic Healing
I was overwhelmed with my workload and finding it hard to concentrate on any one area. Orietta motivated me to focus on what I needed to do to reach my goals. She also helped me identify areas in my personal life that were affecting my professional life, with the result that I am now much more productive and have a better work / 'life' balance.

C. Smallshire

Business Development Manager
The coaching I received from Orietta was a fantastically positive experience. I draw everyday on key points from our sessions and apply them successfully to both my work and private life.
Out of the many abilities Orietta has the ability to teach her clients to empower themselves linked with spectacular listening skills and the ability to remain completely non-judgemental on any subject.
As a result of her coaching I have been able to find a fantastic new job which I know will become a very successful career and I am much more positive on both work and family life.



Professional Writer
I had reached a point in my life where I needed to find a balance between motherhood, work and life in general. Not an unusual predicament for many women but, for me, there were writing projects I was desperate – I repeat, desperate, to get on with – if only I could find the time to do them.

Orietta gave me the confidence to complete existing projects, and to pursue others – this time, with a single-minded determination to succeed. She had recognised in me a tendency to procrastinate; a lack of confidence, maybe; a spirit of disillusionment with the publishing industry. Yet, without ever having read a single word of my creative work, Orietta has shown total faith in me. Her confidence inspired me. During coaching she remained very positive. Whenever a negative thought or reaction came from me Orietta was able to turn it round and make it into something positive. With her warmth, good humour and generosity of spirit she was able to make me laugh at myself – my fears –
without making me feel ridiculous.

Life coaching has had a dramatic impact on my life inasmuch as I feel empowered by it. I know that I can organise my time, and that I, alone, am in control of it. I can, if I concentrate on one thing at a time, complete things. I finished a novel – now I can write another! And I know, too, that I will succeed.
I have tried life coaching befor e; both times I did not pursue it after the initial session. Orietta is different because her approach is instinctive; she seems to sense when something is needed, for example, a boost in confidence. Orietta wasn't afraid to make suggestions, always respectfully, and I was able to come to decisions or workable solutions immediately (a real change for me, as I tend to agonise over things far too long). Having that extra bit of confidence helped my self-belief.

Orietta was also very adept at making me leave my 'comfort zone'! She suggested I concentrate on marketing – the hard, commercial side of writing that I'd always found daunting (so much so, I never got round sending anything off, so my work has been gathering quite a bit of dust over the years). "Writing's the easy part!" she told me, and I thought, "Yes, that's absolutely true!" Through Orietta, I was able to admit to an aspect of the business I found terrifying, with its anticipated rejections; however, I now view marketing as simply a process – a succession of stepping stones to my final destination.

I think Orietta's pragmatic approach is probably her greatest asset. Because of her business background she is able to draw on vital skills and pass them onto others. Orietta has amazing energy, passion and commitment to coaching, and is genuinely interested in helping others achieve their goals. Throughout my coaching Orietta remained supportive and non-judgemental: I really felt I had someone 'on my side'.

T. Gray

HR Manager
Knowing that I needed to do things differently but not knowing where to start I attended sessions with Orietta and found real help in finding the right way forward for me. I would really recommend anyone who needs help "along the path" either in their working life or personal life to contact Positive Solutions - excellent


Business Owner
Orietta helped me explore what I really wanted from my business by probing, challenging and supporting my decisions and helped me to see whether the goals I was aiming for was what I really wanted and to create some structure towards achieving them.

My ultimate goal was to build my business but I had no real way of measuring its success until Orietta probed ways as to how I thought I would achieved my goals.

The end result was that I here created a monthly plan of mapping my Business trends over the coming year. My time management skills have been enhanced which then enabled me to have more work/life balance.

My business is now more under control and I know where I am heading.



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